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Nikolai Starikov comments the visit of Angela Merkel to the Balkans


source: AFP

The prospect of joining the EU is important for Balkan countries, said Angela Merkel. Her tour of the Balkans in the midst of the crisis in Greece was part of a geopolitical game, believes politician Nikolai Starikov. Continue reading

Nikolai Starikov: Thoughts on Central Bank, Money and the Sovereignty of Russia

We decided to add subtitles to a fragment of an interview which Nikolai Starikov gave to a liberal journalist in Novosibirsk on June 18, 2015. Other parts of the interview deal with the problem of liberal opposition, fifth column and ways of defending the Russian state from destruction by the Western alliance. This part deals mostly with the issuance of money and the importance of  the sovereignty of state.

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“ENEMY FOR SALE” – an excellent Russian reportage about the politics and history of Russo-Polish relations

“Relations between Russia and Poland have a very complicated history. At the same time, enemies Russia always tried to use the Poles as anti-Russian shock troops.
But there was a period in our common history which showed the clear and simple truth that Poland and Russia can be friends, and that a strong and independent Poland is not a problem for Russia, but an important factor in our common security.
This was the period after the Second World War when Stalin gave Poland its current borders and access to the sea.”

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Nikolai Starikov about Armenian protests in Yerevan

erevanOnly very naive, and those, who have little to do with politics may believe that the “protests” in Yerevan were started by those who want lower prices on electricity. Those, who are somewhat familiar with the rules the political game, see in these events direct action of the United States.

However, the ultimate goal of the attempts of Maidan in Armenia is not Armenia, and not even Russia.

It is all about maintaining the US as the sole world hegemon, and this means that the United States is forced to torpedo the Eurasian Union before it has strengthened and expanded. Continue reading

Divide, play off and rule

“Divide and rule” – says the old Roman rule. And Rome acted on it as it conquered and held its power over peoples. The current, Anglo-Saxon technology of domination is based on the same rule. Our “partners” borrowed from the Romans not only their legal system and cultural values, but also the principles of geopolitical struggle.


These principles are being applied to this day, therefore understanding of the methods of our opponents can helps analyze the current situation. Continue reading