Nikolai Starikov: Thoughts on Central Bank, Money and the Sovereignty of Russia

We decided to add subtitles to a fragment of an interview which Nikolai Starikov gave to a liberal journalist in Novosibirsk on June 18, 2015. Other parts of the interview deal with the problem of liberal opposition, fifth column and ways of defending the Russian state from destruction by the Western alliance. This part deals mostly with the issuance of money and the importance of  the sovereignty of state.

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Why the United States removed Blatter

imagesOne of the important events of the outgoing week was the resignation of the head of FIFA Joseph Blatter. He resigned shortly after winning the election in which the United States attempted to remove him. Why? Because the head of the Football Association who lives in the West, who has his bank accounts in the West and who has relatives and friends here is not in the position to resist the combined might of the Superpower. In this situation his departure undefeated (although without a chance of eventual victory) is acceptable both to him and to the US. Continue reading