Nikolai Starikov about Armenian protests in Yerevan

erevanOnly very naive, and those, who have little to do with politics may believe that the “protests” in Yerevan were started by those who want lower prices on electricity. Those, who are somewhat familiar with the rules the political game, see in these events direct action of the United States.

However, the ultimate goal of the attempts of Maidan in Armenia is not Armenia, and not even Russia.

It is all about maintaining the US as the sole world hegemon, and this means that the United States is forced to torpedo the Eurasian Union before it has strengthened and expanded. Continue reading


“Civil lobbyists” of NATO in Russia: a hidden threat

NATOSeveral events on June 15 forced the Russian society to reflect on the activity of NATO near the borders of the Russian Federation. Meanwhile, representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance are operating inside Russia itself. And the results of this activity may be much more dangerous in the long term than saber rattling on our western borders. But first things first. Continue reading