Nikolai Starikov comments the visit of Angela Merkel to the Balkans


source: AFP

The prospect of joining the EU is important for Balkan countries, said Angela Merkel. Her tour of the Balkans in the midst of the crisis in Greece was part of a geopolitical game, believes politician Nikolai Starikov.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid a two-day tour of western Balkans. According to German media, Merkel stressed the importance of peaceful coexistence of different nations in the Balkans and called the European Union “a model for other regions in this matter.” Therefore, according to Merkel, the prospect of joining the EU is so important for countries in the region, in particular for Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Chancellor assured the Albanian government that “there will be no delays” in accession of the country to the European Union, and also praised the efforts of Serbia to meet the conditions of EU accession.

“Going on the tour in the midst of the crisis in Greece, Merkel, wanted to show confidence in the future of EU: everything is fine, it’s just temporary difficulties, the collapse of the euro zone is impossible and the euro is one of the world’s strongest currencies. This is the unspoken message which she demonstrated to the European peoples. This psychotherapeutic effect was the main purpose of the visit of Angela Merkel in the Balkans ” said for Radio Sputnik the writer, publicist and co-chairman of the Great Fatherland Party Nikolai Starikov.

In his opinion, for Germany and the EU this is particularly important given the growing economic influence of Russia in the region.

“If you look at the route of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream” which Russia is planning to build, you will see that without the Balkans it cannot be done. In addition, Serbia has traditionally friendly relations with Russia. Therefore, the visit of the German Chancellor in this region has the purpose to put some spokes in the wheels of Russian diplomacy” believes Nikolai Starikov.

Merkel actually promised EU membership toAlbania and Serbia, but Brussels said earlier that in the next five years no expansion is planned. According to Nikolai Starikov, the Chancellor is playing a geopolitical game.

“A promise, as we know, does not mean marriage. It’s just a promise. I have very serious doubts that these states will join the EU, because it can’t feed and pay even those countries it had already absorbed. Not to mention the inclusion in the zone of its influence of other territories. This looks very much as geopolitical game” said Nikolai Starikov.”

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The original blog post at Nikolai Starikov’s blog and RIA Novosti article


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