An attempted Maidan in Armenia

Our geopolitical “partners” are again trying to stop the processes of integration through the use of “color” technology.

An attempt to “put up the tents” and “to capture the square” was suppressed in Armenia today. The reason chosen for the “protests” was convenient and popular: After all, who is “for” increasing prices for electricity?

As for the possibility of Maidan in Armenia, I wrote about it in November 2014:

Since we’re talking about the “orange” scenarios in the near future, this danger threatens Armenia. I’d like to remind you that in January 2015, Armenia should become a member of the Customs Union.

In addition, Hungary, which shows an unwavering desire to build a “South Stream”, which is beneficial not only to itself but also the entire European economy, is also in the danger zone.

Therefore, summing up the news, I make the following conclusion: at risk from the point of view of the “orange” scenarios are Serbia, Armenia and Hungary.”

* * *

Source: Nikolai Starikov’s Blog


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