Why the West demands Putin’s resignation


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On the eve of the meeting of the leaders of G7, the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a very interesting statement. His words were a direct signal to the world and, especially, to the Russian elite. For us it is an excellent occasion to recall some historical facts and think about the concept of sovereignty.

Harper said:
“Russia can not return to the G8, as long as Vladimir Putin is president … I don’t think Russia under Vladimir Putin belongs in the G7. Period. Canada would very, very strongly oppose Putin ever sitting around that table again. It would require consensus to bring Russia back and that consensus will just not happen “, – said the head of the Canadian government.”
http://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/canada-will-never-let-russia-under-putin-back-into-g7-harper-1.2407212 Continue reading

Russia getting rid of US debt

In the last 12 months Russia reduced its investments in the United States bonds by more than 40 percent, shows a report of the US Treasury.

From April 2014 to April 2015 the amount of Russian investments in US treasuries decreased from $116.4 billion to $66.5 billion. The decline began in August 2014. As a result, Russia has fallen in terms of investments in US government bonds from 12th to 22th place.

 First published on 20.06.2015 at Nikolai Starikov’s Blog

Support to the family – Canadian experience

family_supp250Addressing demographic problems of our country is the most important contribution to the future of Russia. If there will be no people, there will be no future. If the multinational people of Russia shrinks and dies, all the “modernization” and “import substitution” lose their meaning. The first “import substitution” must be done in the field of demography.

Within the framework of the liberal economic model, all the nations which are living by these rules, are dying. Demographic growth is seen in those nations, which are receiving huge influx of immigrants (which is unacceptable for us), and those which are taking some elements of liberal economy while leaving the most important questions outside of the economic paradigm.

Those important questions are: family, conservative values and the tradition of having a large family. Continue reading

Putin under attack. Again!


Alexey Kudrin

I was reading this over dinner and almost choked on it:

Speaking at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the former Minister of Finance and at present an active Liberal, Alexey Kudrin said: Why don’t we bring the presidential elections closer and announce a new program of reforms?”  He added that the newly elected president would receive a boost in public credibility and this would make it easier for that person to carry out economic reforms. http://rt.com/politics/268114-russia-kudrin-early-elections/

What? What does he mean? The most successful leader of Russia, with the rating in excess of 85% needs, according to Kudrin, a popular mandate of trust for a “new program of reforms”! Continue reading

Ponomarev and Trotsky

Пономарёв-и-Троцкий-750x369Recently the State Duma deprived Ilya Ponomarev of parliamentary immunity, and an arrest warrant has been issued against him. Prosecutor General’s Office accuses Ponomarev of complicity in embezzlement of funds of the “Skolkovo Foundation”. It’s a dirty story, not unlike like all political activity of Ponomarev. He was the only State Duma deputy who voted against the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. The grandson of a member of the Communist Party Politburo, he became a traitor of the interests of his own country. Continue reading