Nikolai Starikov about Armenian protests in Yerevan

erevanOnly very naive, and those, who have little to do with politics may believe that the “protests” in Yerevan were started by those who want lower prices on electricity. Those, who are somewhat familiar with the rules the political game, see in these events direct action of the United States.

However, the ultimate goal of the attempts of Maidan in Armenia is not Armenia, and not even Russia.

It is all about maintaining the US as the sole world hegemon, and this means that the United States is forced to torpedo the Eurasian Union before it has strengthened and expanded.

So far, the only members of the Union are Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

It sufficed for Armenia to join the EAU a few months ago, for the situation in the country to deteriorate. In such cases any reason for protests may be used – in this case, it was “raising tariffs” for electricity. Muammar Gaddafi had not raised tariffs, nor had Viktor Yanukovych taken similar steps. Poroshenko, on the other hand, increased rates repeatedly, but we see no significant “protests” in Kiev today.

This is a very significant observation, telling us that we are faced with a technology that uses the problem as an excuse, rather than with a real popular protest. In Armenia the average salary is three times higher than the salary in Ukraine, meanwhile utility rates there have increased by 16.7%, and in Ukraine the most recent increase was 200%. But demonstrations organized through social networks began only in the Armenian capital.

The people gather in the streets under a positive slogan which no sane person can fail to support – opposition to raising energy prices. But then someone replaces the slogans. Russia is now being accused of occupation of Armenia, and there are calls for an overthrow of the existing political system. Will the withdrawal of the Russian base in Gyumri to reduce the price of electricity? No, but it will surely reduce the security of Armenia and of the Eurasian Union.

Analysts of “Antimaidan” movement published materials, (  – in Russian) where they name the names of the organizers of the demonstrations in Yerevan:

“We believe that behind the events in Yerevan are several NGOs funded by Western governments, such as “Caucasus Center for Peacekeeping Initiatives”, Vanadzor Office of the “Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly”, the” Committee to Protect the Freedom of Expression ” and the institute “Open Society” (Soros Foundation).”

On the streets of Yerevan young people with megaphones began to appear. Slogans about lowering of tariffs are seldom heard. A young man wearing a T-shirt with the American flag screams about the need for regime change. He shouts that Armenia does not need the pro-Russian policy. And most importantly: “We, the Armenians, are the masters of our country.” The Maidan slogan “Ukraina ponad use” (Ukraina über Alles) comes to mind.

  The leader of the opposition party “Heritage”, and frequent guest of the studios of “Radio Liberty”, Raffi Hovhannisyan hurries to score points with his loud rhetoric in an artificially created environment of protest. In an interview with “Radio Liberty” he also said that “the current government is a national disgrace for Armenia.”  Not a word about tariffs on electricity. He asked people to “unite in the fight”.  Incidentally, at the beginning of the week, Hovhannisyan met with the Ambassador of Germany.1435205664-crowds-continue-to-rally-in-yerevan-during-energy-price-hike-protest2

 Obvious are similarities with the events of December 2013 in Kiev when Western NGOs and pro-Western parties laid a time bomb under the foundations of the state of Ukraine. Today, next to the EU flag, is the Armenian flag,but the actors are the same. Ms. Nuland flew to Armenia in February for a closed meeting with local NGOs. The representatives of Armenian non-profit organizations “Unison” and “Right Union Europe” discussed with Victoria Nuland “problems in the country.” Now, these problems are being “solved”. Necessary funds are being allocated for the solution of the problems.

 In 2013, USAID opened a one million dollar grant line for the Armenian organizations, individuals and companies for the program “Economic prospects for normalization (!) of the Armenian-Turkish relations.”

 NED («National Endowment for Democracy”) is also active in Armenia. The organization finances the Armenian NGOs such as the “Caucasus Center for Peacekeeping Initiatives”, “Helsinki Committee” and many others. Such are the funds which generate the current “social protest” in Yerevan.

 For many years, the fund “Eurasia Partnership”, which is a subsidiary of “Eurasia Foundation” in the United States, has been active here. The fund is engaged in projects related to mobilization of political activity, creation of alternative media and protection of religious minorities.

 … It would seem that the backbone of the movement would be formed by adult citizens, particularly sensitive to growth in utility prices. But on Baghramian Avenue it was mainly young people, mostly students, who gathered. Somehow, it is hard to believe that they have made a single payment for electricity themselves. However, it was the youth who responded to the Internet calls to the streets. For this occasion, communities with distinctive names like “Elektromaydan” and “Tariff Maidan” were created in social networks. However, the social networks of “color revolution” had to abandon the controversial word “Maidan” and the hash tag “elektromaydan” was hastily replaced with «ElectricErevan»”.

 Armenia has consistently demonstrated a pro-Russian policy. Not only by joining the Eurasian Union, but also by other demonstrative steps:

 “Armenia has made its choice, refusing to sign the association with the EU, and by signing the treaty of accession to the Eurasian Economic Union. Armenia, together with Belarus, rejects the declaration of the Riga summit “Eastern Partnership” because of the phrase “illegal annexation” of the Crimea.”

 Many facts show that the directors of the Armenian Maidan, just as the creators of Ukrainian Maidan, and really – of any “color” protest – are carefully building a convincing the image for the Western audience. For them, everything should look like this: freedom loving people in peaceful protest against the “bloody regime”; in the hands of the protesters – symbols understandable precisely for Western audience. Nothing generates sympathy, like flags of the European Union…

 “An independent Armenian political analyst Sergey Shakaryan told “Russian world” about elements of Maidan seen in Yerevan:

 “At the rally concerning an internal Armenian problem, suddenly the flags of the EU, unavailable for sale in Armenia, appear. This signifies the involvement of organizations with the status of NGOs which exist thanks to Western grants. Also surprisingly, there are young people in masks to cover their face. Apparently, they have prepared to committing illegal actions”, – says Sergey Shakaryan.”

 Thus the United States began another round of attacks on the Eurasian Union. Against the backdrop of protests in Armenia, a build-up of tensions in Kyrgyzstan began, which has yet to become a member of the EAU.  Nothing surprising about it: freedom is never free and has to be fought for. Including the freedom to be together.

I’d like to remind a famous line of a great artist known under the name of Aivazovsky. His real name was Ayvazyan and he was Armenian. He said that “An Armenian is a Russian squared.”

In Armenia, every sane person knows that the moment Russia disappears, the next day it will be Armenia’s turn. Armenia can not exist without Russia.

I’m sure that the vast majority of citizens are well aware of that.

Three things are necessary in the struggle against “color technology”: good advisers, determination and loyalty of the elite.

Only weakness or betrayal allow the implementation of “orange technology” which in reality is nothing else than a coup in the interests of third countries.

*  *  *

Originally published on June 25, 2015 at Nikolai Starikov’s Blog

A French language version of the article is HERE


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