Support to the family – Canadian experience

family_supp250Addressing demographic problems of our country is the most important contribution to the future of Russia. If there will be no people, there will be no future. If the multinational people of Russia shrinks and dies, all the “modernization” and “import substitution” lose their meaning. The first “import substitution” must be done in the field of demography.

Within the framework of the liberal economic model, all the nations which are living by these rules, are dying. Demographic growth is seen in those nations, which are receiving huge influx of immigrants (which is unacceptable for us), and those which are taking some elements of liberal economy while leaving the most important questions outside of the economic paradigm.

Those important questions are: family, conservative values and the tradition of having a large family.

The idea of “Russian Billion”* is the right direction for our country.

Another attempt of liberals in the Russian government to roll the program of family support failed, but there is no doubt that attempts to stop the support of the family by the state will be taken again and again. Therefore, we need to know and study the experience of the so-called “democratic countries” which have not forgotten the demographics.

One of my readers from Canada sent a letter, in which he describes this country supports childbearing.

“(…) I fully support the idea of maternity support in Russia and want to give you information about the Canadian program, which is quite successful.

When we came to Canada in 1996, family support was given as follows: for the first child – 500 dollars, the second – 3,000, and the third – 10,000 Canadian dollars a year. In 1999 it was removed and the government, instead of single annual allowance, introduced monthly payments to families.

For example in Quebec, each family receives now $100 a month from the province government and $160 from the government of Canada – that is $ 260 per month per child from 0 to 16 years. In addition, there is a “tax credit” – $ 3500 per child: this amount is deduced from taxable income of the family member with the highest income.

In addition, if a child is going to college or university, the entire tuition fee is also considered as a “tax credit” for parents and this amount is deduced from the taxable annual income of a parent – usually about 5-6 thousand. Travel expenses of the child are also deduce from taxable income.

In this way the Conservatives in Canada give the families about 40 000 dollars per child. Many Canadian women do not work and are able to care for their children, because four children mean an allowance of more than a thousand dollars a month. This is a wonderful example for the government of Medvedev, because maternity support in Russia, and especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg does not give the opportunity to buy even one room, and this idea should be developed instead of resting on laurels.”

P.S. I think that it is impossible to “go too far” in this question in Russia.


*Translation of Nikolai Starikov’s post on the “Russian Billion” will be posted in a couple of days.

Originally published at Nikolai Starikov’s Blog on 20.06.2015


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