Ponomarev and Trotsky

Пономарёв-и-Троцкий-750x369Recently the State Duma deprived Ilya Ponomarev of parliamentary immunity, and an arrest warrant has been issued against him. Prosecutor General’s Office accuses Ponomarev of complicity in embezzlement of funds of the “Skolkovo Foundation”. It’s a dirty story, not unlike like all political activity of Ponomarev. He was the only State Duma deputy who voted against the reunification of the Crimea with Russia. The grandson of a member of the Communist Party Politburo, he became a traitor of the interests of his own country.

His career started in the oil giant “Yukos”. Later, in 2011-2012, he became one of the main figures of the liberal, pro-western opposition (the so-called “white-ribbon” opposition). He was also among chief organizers of riots in Moscow where, using his status of a Duma deputy, he arranged “meetings with voters” at Pushkin Square, intending to create a “tent village” and start a “Maidan”.

And what about money?

History of our country gives us examples of people who tried to overthrow the government using public funds.

Approximately a year ago information about the machinations of Ilya Ponomarev and the “Skolkovo Foundation” exploded like a bombshell in the Russian media. Suddenly it became clear that on the eve of the attempts to destabilize Russia at the turn of 2011-2012, the Foundation signed a very strange agreement with the polititian, under which Ilya Ponomarev, in exchange for huge amounts of money, arranged lectures in order to “attract investments”. For 10 such lectures he was receiving $750.000. Ponomarev was not even able to account for all the lectures he had supposedly held.

“”Skolkovo”claims that the list of the ten events included some that took place without Ponomarev. He himself refers to some secret meetings with investors from Silicon Valley which must not be named. For the same reason they were so expensive.” http://vz.ru/opinions/2015/4/6/738442.html?google_editors_picks=true

Let me remind you that the Nobel Prize amounts to $ 1.1 million. As you can see, 10 lectures not given by the “great thinker and deputy of Duma” cost about the same …

However, in this case we are faced not just with a banal theft or embezzlement. We are faced not just with corrupt practices on the part of the management of “Skolkovo”, which concluded an obscene agreement squandering public money. Before our eyes is the visible part of the iceberg, which is called political struggle. Struggle against Russia.

I wrote more than two years ago about who and why was giving Ponomarev money through “Skolkovo” . http://nstarikov.ru/blog/25039

The payments from “Skolkovo” to Ponomarev were not a banal theft or bribery. These were money for protest rallies. After all, Ilya Ponomarev received the money and held his “lectures” in the period from February 2011 to February 2012. At that time the liberal opposition was preparing for the presidential elections of December 4, ready to declare them illegitimate regardless of the outcome. Afterwards, they organized the protests at the Bolotnaya Square, trying to destabilize the situation. The money from “Skolkovo” came just on time. Our “opposition”, or rather let their Western friends and curators, were sure that they would be able to prevent the election of Putin as president, in which case all their “antics” would remain shrouded in mystery. Nobody would know about the fact, that government agencies were paying for protests against the state.

A short lesson from history is in order.

On 23-30 January 1937 “The process of the anti-Soviet Trotskyite Center” took place in Moscow, the findings of which will now be familiar and understandable.

For reference:

G.L. Pyatakov – a prominent Bolshevik. During the Civil War – the prime minister of Ukraine. In 1920, together with Zemlyachka and Bela Kun he drowned the Crimea in blood. After Lenin’s death, he supported Trotsky against Stalin. During the preparation of the process against Kamenev and Zinoviev, he publicly demanded the death sentence, and offered to act as the prosecutor. But instead, they named him as a member of the conspiracy. Then Pyatakov asked … to personally shoot all those sentenced to death. Instead, he was arrested, tried and sentenced to death as well.

Lev Sedov – the eldest son of Leon Trotsky and Natalia Sedova. He was the right hand of his father in his struggle against the Soviet Union. He died in Paris after an appendix surgery at the age of 31.

Interrogation of the accused Pyatakov (fragment)

(Source: The process of anti-Soviet Trotskyite Centre, Piter, 2015, p.50-51)

“Asked by comrade Wyszynski, Pyatakov responds that shortly after the first meeting, he had a second meeting with Sedov. Both meetings had been arranged by I. Smirnov. The meeting took place in the same cafe.

Pyatakov: This second conversation was very short, it lasted no more than 10-15 minutes, maybe less. Sedov said “You know, Yuri Leonidovich that, since our struggle resumes now, we need money. You can provide the necessary funds.” He was alluding to the fact that my official position allowed me to organize some public money or, to put it bluntly, to steal them. Sedov said that I only had to do one thing: issue as many as possible orders to two German companies – “Borsig” and “Demag” – and that he, Sedov, would arrange for the necessary funds to be received from these companies, taking into account that I not press on prices. It was clear that the inflated prices on Soviet orders were to be used to transfer funds to Trotsky for his counter-revolutionary purposes. The second conversation ended on this note.

Vyshinskii: Who named these firms?

Pyatakov: Sedov.

Vyshinskii: Did you ask why he named these firms?

Pyatakov: No. He himself said that he had relations with these companies.

Vyshinskii: Did you have any ties with other companies?

Pyatakov: Yes, I had a lot of connections. But Sedov named these companies, obviously, because he had connections with them.

Vyshinskii: Did you do as advised by Sedov?

Pyatakov: Yes.

Vyshinskii: Tell how it happened.

Pyatakov: It was very simple, as I had good opportunities to place a large number of orders to these firms.

Vyshinskii: Maybe these firms received those orders because it was advantageous to us?

Pyatakov: No. With regard to “Demag”, it was easy to do. It was only a question of price – generally, we paid them more than it was necessary.

Vyshinskii: So the Soviet state overpaid the company “Demag” because of your agreement with Sedov?

Pyatakov: Absolutely.

Vyshinskii: And what about the other company?

Pyatakov: “Demag” is a very high-quality company and it was not necessary to apply any effort recommending the orders. And as regards “Borsig”, I had to persuade and push in order to be able to place the orders with the company.

Vyshinskii: Consequently, “Borsig” was also overpaid, to the detriment of the Soviet state?

Pyatakov: Yes.

Vyshinskii: Did Sedov tell you that Trotsky had an agreement with these companies?

Pyatakov: Of course, that was how he started. He said that if I made orders to these firms, he will receive money from them.

Vyshinskii: Did you tell anyone about the meeting with Sedov?

Pyatakov: Of course, not. This meeting was of a highly conspiratorial nature”

The conclusions are obvious. Our geopolitical partners like to make the state itself finance anti-state activities. That was true in the early 30-ies of XX century, and it is true now – in the early twenty-first century.

And our Fifth Column is ready to help them in this struggle. The results of their work will always be the same:
Prosecution, court and sentence.

Appeared originally on 18.06.2015 at Nikolai Starikov’s Blog


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