Why the United States removed Blatter

imagesOne of the important events of the outgoing week was the resignation of the head of FIFA Joseph Blatter. He resigned shortly after winning the election in which the United States attempted to remove him. Why? Because the head of the Football Association who lives in the West, who has his bank accounts in the West and who has relatives and friends here is not in the position to resist the combined might of the Superpower. In this situation his departure undefeated (although without a chance of eventual victory) is acceptable both to him and to the US.

In an interview for Pravda.ru (in Russian) I told why Washington attacked FIFA:

As soon as the controversy concerning the performance of our hockey team at the World Cup subsided, a new topic came up, the scandal in FIFA. What is this all about – fight against corruption or politics?

I think the silver medal at the World Championship is an achievement and we must learn to support our players, not just in moments of triumph. We should thank them for the silver and hope for gold next year in Moscow. I think this is the right attitude.” (…)

The author said that the FIFA scandal it is not at all about football.

“The United States staged a public beating to one of the most influential people of the world of sport. It was important for them to show that they can destroy a reputation and career of anybody within a week. This signal not at all to the people of sport or economics but to the political elite of the world. After such a public spanking, the rest will begin to understand what to do and what not to do. US sees the world as their own fiefdom. If they say something, everyone should salute. In this way they are building their power structure globally. I can even call the specific recipient to whom this signal was sent in the first place – the leadership of Macedonia”.

Nikolai Starikov said that the first “call” was in the form of Albanian militants and the “Maidan” in the capital Skopje. The meaning of the signal was: the Russian gas pipeline “Turkish stream” should be rejected.

“Macedonia, trying to save face, said it will participate in the project if the contract will be signed between Gazprom (the Russian natural gas company) and the European Commission. And it is still a big question if it will be signed at all. As soon as Macedonia had moved in an independent direction, its leadership received a little signal: “If you ever again dare to think for yourselves, remember what we did to Blatter. And you are just a prime minister of the little Macedonia”. And then there are the presidents of Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, Serbia, Armenia, Azerbaijan… There are many recipients of such a signal but the goal of the US is one – to save their dominance.”

Are the Americans not acting too roughly and straightforwardly?

 “They may have gone too far, perhaps they are even ready to go over the top, but they must crush the resistance at all costs. As soon as things start to unravel, the system will collapse. It’s like in the days of the Golden Horde. There are many vassals and if one of them rebels, and you do not crush him immediately, others will begin to rise too. Therefore the Americans are brutally punishing those who are trying to get out from under their control”- concluded Nikolai Starikov.”

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